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Contact Lenses

Had enough with your reliance on glasses?

Want to be glasses free in your Sunday best?

Specs getting in the way of your workout?

Here at Harwood Eyecare Opticians, we have a solution for every problem.

We specialize in correcting your short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism, even presbyopia with our range of state of the art contact lenses. For further information about contact lenses please contact the practice or book an appointment.

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Contact Lens Brands

Harwood Eyecare’s Contact Lens Scheme

Optionally you may purchase our contact lenses on a “Pay as You Go” payment plan, meaning you pay for them when you need. Alternatively you can save considerably by signing on to one of our Contact Lens Schemes;

Benefits of Direct Debit Payment:

  1. Free replacement contact lenses ( 2 pairs a year – Monthly contact lenses or 5 pairs a year – Daily contact lenses).
  2. Free Contact Lens Aftercare
  3. Half price Sight Tests (once every year or 2 years, recall dependent).
  4. Free Contact Lens Fitting
  5. Half price Glasses.
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