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Eye Examinations

Contact Lens Fitting and Aftercare

Corporate Eyecare

Dry Eye Consultations

Direct Cataract referral

Post-operative cataract assessment

Dyslexia Testing

NHS Free Eye Tests

Eye Examinations

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What is meant by an eye examination?

Going to get an eye test may be daunting initially, however it’s simply a routine that ultimately helps monitor your eye health and maintain your vision.

During an eye test, not only is your prescription checked (how well you can see), but the health of your eyes is also examined. This ensures that any possible eye conditions are identified as early as possible, enabling further investigation if required. Additionally, you could be checked for conditions such as glaucoma and diabetes, dependent on your age and family history.

Your optician will run a few tests to determine how short or long sighted you are, and whether you may require glasses or contact lenses. One of the tests involves you being asked to read letters and words from a board as the print continually becomes smaller. Your prescription will effectively based on your ability to read these words or letters before needing the help of a corrective lens.

Your optician will also examine the back of your eye as a part of your eye test. This is done to check that your eyes are healthy and also identify potential issues that may also require further investigation.

At the end of the eye test, if it concludes that you need assistance with your vision, you will receive a prescription unique to you. Your eye test will have also determined whether you’re long sighted (able to see things far away, but not so well up close) or short sighted (able to see things up close, but have trouble seeing things far away). To get more information about these conditions, and more, check out our Eye Health Page.

NHS Free Eye Tests

Do you qualify for an NHS sight test?

NHS Free Eye Tests and vouchers towards the cost of your glasses is available to qualifying patients, including;

  • children under 16
  • children aged 16, 17 or 18 and in full-time education
  • those 60 or over
  • anybody registered as partially sighted or blind
  • patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes or glaucoma
  • anyone aged 40 or over and whose close relative has been diagnosed with glaucoma
  • if you’ve been advised by a specialist that you’re at risk of glaucoma
  • prisoners on leave from prison
  • patients who receive certain social security benefits (also applies if your partner is the recipient)
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Contact Lens Fitting and Aftercare

What happens during contact lens fitting and aftercare?

Over the past couple of decades, contact lenses have come a long way, meaning the available options are vast & impressive.

Our specially trained Optometrists will advise the best contact lens for you, based on your specific visual requirements. We carry out both contact lens fittings and aftercares, so rest assured that we are there to provide any assistance you may require.


Corporate Eyecare

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How is corporate eyecare different to a normal eye examination?

Corporate Eyecare eye tests are practically the same as a regular eye test. However, particular emphasis will be made on the patient’s working environment, specifically if they work with a Visual Display Unit (VDU).

If you are interested in us carrying out corporate eyecare for your employees, please contact the Practice Manager Michelle.

Dry Eye Consultations

What is dry eye?

Dry eye syndrome is caused by a chronic lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye by the tear film. Consequences of dry eyes range from subtle but constant eye irritation to significant inflammation and even scarring of the front surface of the eye. Alternatives names include dry eye syndrome, dry eye disease or simply “dry eye”.

Dry Eye consultations consist of carrying out non invasive procedures to deduce the quality of the tear film, and prescription of a treatment regime, specifically recommendations of dry eye drops or ointment, leading to referral to specialists for further investigations if required.

Dry Eyes

Direct Cataract referral

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How can we speed up your cataract referral?

As well as providing routine cataract referrals, our Optometrists, Musab and Naeemunisha are also qualified to carry out direct cataract referrals. This entails carrying out further assessments in a testing room with the extra information being utilised by the hospital to increase efficiency and reducing waiting times for the cataract operation procedure.

Post-operative cataract assessment

Can we assess you after undergoing your cataract operation?

Harwood Opticians is proud to be working in conjunction with Spa Medica, one of the UK’s leading provider of NHS cataract surgery. Both Musab and Naeemunisha are qualified to carry out post-operative cataract assessments. Therefore, once our patients have returned from their cataract surgery and the recommended duration has passed, the aftercare assessment is performed given everything has gone accordingly, the patient can then be discharged by our Optometrists.

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Dyslexia Testing


Dyslexia Testing with Coloured Overlays Testing – What is dyslexia and how can we help you?

Some averagely intelligent children and adults may experience difficulty in learning to read fluently and to spell.

There are certain, often subtle, eye movement and vision issues that are more common experienced by individuals with reading difficulty or dyslexia. The correction of these problems through use of eye exercises or with spectacles, whilst not immediately curing the reading difficulty, may make learning to read more comfortable.

However, although probably a majority of younger people with reading difficulty have perfect eyesight and eye movements, some will notice visual distortions when trying to read a page of print- blurring, glare or movement of words or letters. This is referred to as visual stress. Research by the Medical Research Council and the Institute of Optometry has shown that these visual distortions can be helped by the use of coloured overlays and precision tinted spectacle lenses (Meares-Irlen syndrome), which positively impacts the process of learning to read.

The symptoms and signs of visual stress can often be alleviated by using colour when reading. The reduction only occurs when the colour is selected to suit the individual. Initially this can be assessed by the trial of coloured overlays placed over printed text. If coloured overlays help, then, here at harwood Opticians, the coloured lenses will be provided in to the spectacles which closest match the colour of the overlay. This, would in turn aid the patient during reading and other related tasks.

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